Europe’s Leading Beauty Industry Conference - 27th September 2023 - The Royal Horseguard Hotel, Central London

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2023 Agenda

Monetise The Hottest Beauty Trends For Inspiring, Profitable Campaigns & Unstoppable Innovations

Hot Trends & Innovations • Social Media Channels & Content Strategies • Customer Insights & Shopper Behaviours • Retailer Insights & Expertise • Sustainable Production & Packaging • Digital & Beauty Tech • Beauty On A Budget • Must-Have Ingredients • NPD Success • Beauty, Health & Wellbeing

27th September 2023, central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Sebastian Kraft, Founder, Nordic Naval

Sonica Beckmann, Head of Legal, ASW Health & Beauty UK, A.S. Watson Group


Q&A Panel

09.10 Capitalise On The Latest Consumer Trends & Insights For Inspiring & Next-Level Product & Marketing Innovations That Drive Brand Engagement & Maximise Conversions

  • Beauty boxes, skinimalism, 3D nail art: discuss, debate and uncover invaluable insights into the hottest global trends for game-changing brand engagement and maximised product success
  • With macro trends like personalisation and beauty wellness taking the industry by storm, how can you stay ahead of the curve and plan for trend-setting, insight-led product launches in 2024 and beyond
  • Everyone is talking TikTok! How are leading beauty brands responding rapidly to the explosion of beauty on TikTok and ensuring they stay relevant during the Gen-Z hype?
  • Dominate in the beauty industry globally by exploring invaluable insights into international trends for increased engagement and long-term product success

Nicole Campanaro, Head of Growth and Innovation, Tropic Skincare

Sabina Ellahi, Head of Global PR, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

Sara Leguizamon, Brand Partnerships Manager, TikTok

Jack Griffiths, Senior Global Brand Lead, Avon

Rose Abbott, Head of Brand MUA COSMETICS, FB Beauty LTD


Updated For 2023!

9.30 Guarantee On-Trend Beauty Success In 2024 & Beyond By Unlocking Critical Insights Into Consumer Behaviours To Dominate Sales & Skyrocket Brand Engagement

  • Create a seamless customer experience by effectively profiling and segmenting customer data to create targeted and consumer-driven marketing and social content
  • How can you create engaging and exciting product launches and campaigns guaranteed to retain customers online and in-store?
  • The future is digital! Which immersive AI powered tools will help create the optimal shopper experience, engage customers throughout their journey, incentivise purchase and secure loyalty
  • Feedback, feedback, feedback: tap into customer preferences and buying motivators for trend-led, consumer-driven products guaranteed to fly off the shelves
  • More for less please! How are ever-changing consumer needs and shopping habits impacting the beauty landscape today?

Grace Vernon, Head of Global Trends & Cultural Insights, Walgreen Boots Alliance

Jessica Lowe, Head of Marketing – Beauty, Boots UK





10.00 The Unstoppable Power Of Social! Secure Maximum Brand Exposure With Authentic, Strategic & Exciting Social Strategies For Unapologetic Brand Engagement & Unquestionable ROI

  • Get the right channel for the right people! With TikTok, Instagram and YouTube shorts dominating the social landscape, determine which platforms are hottest with your audience for a truly engaged consumer base and well-focused investment
  • Guarantee elevated brand visibility and product promotion with targeted and attention-grabbing content that cuts through traffic and competition
  • Deep-dive into the data and metrics from your social efforts to unlock insights into performance and translate findings to transform clicks and likes into sales and profit
  • The ongoing influencer debate! Discover real-world, successful influencer marketing campaigns and collaborations which have proved ROI and increased engagement

Eleanor Middleton, Senior Digital Content Manager, Space NK

Karishma Rach, Social Media & Community Manager, Cult Beauty

Karen King, Managing Director, Bondisands

Maria Aldridge, Digital Marketing Lead, Sainsbury’s

Katie Potts, Client Solutions Manager, TikTok

10.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Hot Topic

11.30 Revitalise Brand Image, Capture Consumers & Drive Revenue With Pioneering & Eco-Conscious Approaches & Competitive NPD

  • Sustainability, part and parcel of all beauty brands today… how are you successfully communicating the merits of your sustainable products to boost brand image and drive sales?
  • Accessible, affordable, and already available: consider budget-friendly alternatives within packaging and ingredient sourcing for innovative NPD and increased customer satisfaction
  • 45% of UK consumers would be interested in a reward system for returning packaging* – which innovations can you implement to reduce waste and position your brand as a sustainable pioneer?

*UK Sustainability in Beauty & Personal Care Market Report 2022

Wren Holmes, Creative Director, NPD Director, Urban Veda Natural Skincare


Q&A Panel

11.50 What Do Retailers Really (Really) Want? Ensure Win-Win, Collaborative Partnerships With Retailers To Secure Stand-Out Beauty Products & Insight-Driven Marketing Strategies

  • Critical questions answered: how are consumers behaving today? How should your NPD and marketing be evolving to excel with the latest and largest retailers?
  • Stock up on top tips! Uncover how retailers are responding to shifting macro-trends to really understand what is driving retailers’ product decisions
  • From bricks and mortar to online, how are online retailers differing from in-store retailer giants in strategy and buying?
  • Stand out from the crowd! How can new and up-and-upcoming brands cut through and capture attention?

Elena Lavagni, Service Provider for Amazon & Owner of Neville Hair and Beauty, Amazon Salon & Neville Hair and Beauty

Vanessa Burlingham, Head of Retail, Dermalogica

Rachel Waller, Head of Sales Elida Beauty, Unilever

Sabina Ellahi, Head of Global PR, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

12.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


New & Updated

12.50 Be The Next Trailblazer! Exploit Cutting-Edge Beauty Tech & Digital Innovations To Drive Brand Engagement & Showcase E-Commerce Success

  • Virtual try ons, printed make up, smart skincare tools… capitalise on the latest technological advancements in beauty tech today to drive seamless experiences and push brand interaction to the next level
  • Dominate in digital by creating a stand-out digital strategy that delivers on-trend and engaging content and skyrocket online sales
  • Beauty and the metaverse? Examine how AR, VR and NFT’s can push brand and consumer experiences to the next level by testing the limits of immersive interactions

13.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

Two New Immersive Activities:

1. Face Mapping

2. Virtual Try-Ons

13.40 Peer-to-Peer Discussions:

1. YouTube Shorts

2. Male Beauty

3. Male Engagement

4. Diversity & Inclusion

14.10 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Namita Mediratta, Head of CMI, Beauty & Wellness UEAM, Unilever

Adam Wright, Head of Digital, Beiersdorf


Panel Q&A

14.20 The Million Dollar Question: How Do You Create & Showcase Sustainable Product & Packaging Innovations That Are Within Budget & Captivating To Consumers?

  • Top tips and tricks to identify and implement low-carbon strategies that boost your green-initiatives and appeal to ever-increasing climate-conscious consumers
  • From reusable packaging to plantable packaging: what innovations are set to disrupt the market next that ensure greener credentials yet maintain premium packaging design?
  • Budget-friendly and high-impact? Explore cost-effective new initiatives from refills to upcycled products for more energy-efficient processes that appeal to consumer wants and needs today – authentically

Flávia Bartholomeu Campos, Head of Packaging and Sustainability, The Body Shop

Alison Sammons, Sustainability & Communications Manager, Beiersdorf

Holly Dove, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, TEMPLESPA Ltd

Monika Szymanska, Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Superdrug

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


New For 2023

15.20 Capitalise On Budget-Friendly Product Success, Spot The Gaps In The Market & Tap Into Changing Consumer Behaviours & Psyche For Deep Brand Engagement & Proven ROI

The winning formula: low cost but increased standards…create products within a budget that deliver on ingredients, functionality and claims to win consumer trust, boost sales and secure brand loyalty

  • Future-proofing in uncertain times: with market fluctuations rife, create robust strategies from product launches to campaigns which responds to rapidly-changing consumer behaviours and shopper habits
  • The lipstick effect! With consumers splashing out less and honing in on their favourite luxury product, how can you differentiate and deliver value within your product portfolios to stand out from your competitors?

Monika Szymanska, Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Superdrug


Exclusive Insights

15.40 Distinguish Your Brand From The Crowd, Disrupt The Market & Uncover The Hottest, Game-Changing Ingredients Here To Stay To Satisfy Consumer Demands & Skyrocket Sales

  • Retinol? Linoleic Acid? Colostrum? What is the next must-have ingredient set to disrupt the beauty landscape and take off globally?
  • Trust and transparency: educate and improve customer confidence with greater comms strategies around ingredients and materials
  • With consumers increasingly interested in what’s in the bottle, what ingredients in the market are making shoppers pick up, (or put down), products today?
  • All things green: satisfy consumer demands and play your role in a more sustainable future by incorporating more environmentally-friendly ingredient selections in your NPD

Charlotte Hatcher, Head of Commercial, No7 Beauty


Case Study

16.00 Claire Byrne, CIO, Trinny London

16.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.50 Getting NPD Ready For 2024 & Beyond! Create Pioneering & Customer-Inspired Beauty Product Innovations That Satisfy Consumer Needs & Deliver Impressive ROI

  • From concept to launch! How are you translating the shifting needs and wants of consumers into inspired, pioneering and profit-boosting products?
  • Where is beauty innovation heading next? Examine the latest ingredients, trends and technologies tomorrow’s consumers want today to differentiate your NPD and stand out from competition
  • Avoid trust-washing! Uncover what socially-conscious consumers really want from beauty brands to make your new products more profitable, scalable and successful

Nicola Truswell, Head of Trade Marketing, WELEDA UK    


Case Study

17.10 Vanessa Barretieri, UK/Europe Director, 111SKIN


Category Success

17.30 Stay Ahead Of The Wellness Curve: Leverage Current Health & Wellness Trends For Beauty Products Which Captivate Consumers & Power Brand Success In An Increasingly Crowded Market

  • From peptides to microbiomes… what are the latest beauty wellness trends that will continue to grow amongst the industry and excite consumers?
  • Successful NPD was never easy! Overcome the technical hurdles of delivering diverse product ranges while remaining as natural, responsible ad cruelty-free as possible
  • Capitalise on proactive prevention and other skin health trends for wider product offerings and boosted product interaction

Claire Green, Brand Director, KMI Brands Ltd 

17.50 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference