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Our Partners

Oakland Innovation provides technology consultancy services to the consumer and industrial markets We help R&D and business development teams to identify and define opportunities that offer competitive advantage within their business.

Our approach is centred on our deep science and technology foundation and our ability to leverage market and industry insight for product, process and business innovation. We do this by combining the in-house knowledge of our scientists and technologists with expertise and opinion drawn from key Opinion Leaders, practitioners and commentators from around the world. This provides you with a powerful engine and foundation to accelerate and stretch your innovation capability.

Solésence is an exciting new product manufacturer that develops award-winning, patent-protected, environmental protection beauty products for both global and indie brands.

Our market-ready white label and custom developed beauty solutions deliver best-in-class, mineral-based environmental protection via our proprietary Active Stress Defense™ technology — a one-of-a-kind UV, pollution, IR, and blue light shield that boosts anti-oxidants and quenches free radicals — to give brands the newest innovation in skin health.

Our innovation efforts also involve generating novel formats for environmental protection products, including gel creams, sticks, and foams. Our white label products come in a variety of textures, from primers and CC creams to lip kits and cushion compacts, and follow the latest market conversations and claims to keep your brand trending and your product offerings diverse and fun. With world-class manufacturing assets and product marketing insights, we then help you bring these exciting products to life! Visit to browse product stories and view our brand resources.

MMR champions the tangible elements of the marketing mix – the product and the pack.

We harness sensory science to create propositions that go beyond liking, and deliver meaning for consumers at a deeper, more emotional level. We call this approach Sensory Branding.

MMR has unrivalled experience across food & drink, household and personal care sectors, operating for nearly 30 years and with an expanding global footprint.

We’re driven by our passion for grocery, our persistent inquisitiveness and a mission to fuse sensory science and consumer data for real commercial impact.

Recent innovations include RETREATS – immersive co-creation to hot house new ideas and accelerate early stages of development and MMR EXPRESS – a suite of research tools that will drive agility into any project.

The world’s most discerning brands and publishers use Dash Hudson to create and share photos and videos that people care about. Our visual marketing platform provides a one-stop solution to predict performance, distribute, measure, and enhance engagement across all of your visual marketing channels. Dash Hudson works with leading companies spanning industries including Amazon, NBC Universal, Jimmy Choo, Kylie Cosmetics, and MATCHESFASHION.COM.

Crisp is the first to detect harmful social content. Crisp combines complex Artificial Intelligence with expert human analysts to rapidly detect the critical risks that seriously impact businesses and brands, alerting key stakeholders first, without false alarm, empowering them to react fast to prevent a crisis.