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The Beauty Trends & Innovations Conference Programme

Enchant Consumers With Real-World Insights Into The Hottest Beauty Trends, Inspirational Campaigns & Profitable Future Innovations: Boost Sales & Engage Customers Across Digital, Social Media & In-Store With Compelling Marketing Innovations & Unbeatable Product Strategies

A One-Day, Must-Attend Industry Conference & Networking Event, 26th September 2017, The Millennium Mayfair, Central London. Download Conference Brochure. Book Today.

08:30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Jayn Sterland
Managing Director
Weleda UK


09.20 Tap Into The Latest Consumer Insights & Trends For On-Point Brand Strategies & On-Trend Beauty Products

  • What are consumers looking for today? From ingredients to price to company ethos, understand the key decision drivers for every customer type
  • Cater to online, in-store and salon shopper buying habits with top tips on profiling and segmenting customer data for targeted but adaptable marketing strategies
  • Examine the origin of upcoming trends, how consumers caught on and how they’re being realised for successful, consumer-driven market strategies
  • Investigate the shifting perspectives and buying habits of your consumer demographic to ensure your brand caters to their exact needs

Tom Stone
Business Leader on Men Expert


09.40 Real-World Insights Into Current & Future Market Trends To Enchant Consumers With Innovative Beauty Products

  • Keep your brand at the cutting-edge by anticipating which of tomorrow’s trends will ‘stick’ to develop market-leading products with a point of difference
  • Revolutionise your innovation pipeline in today’s complex market with key insights into pioneering NPD thinking, hot new formats and the latest technologies
  • Which market trends are really relevant? Examine the changing beauty landscape to ensure your products strike the heart of consumer needs for boosted sales

Tom Stone
Business Leader on Men Expert

Imelda Burke
Founder, Managing Director
Content Beauty & Wellbeing

Jim Higginson
Operations Director
Aromatherapy Associates

Justine Southall
Managing Director, Fashion & Beauty
Time Inc. UK


10.10 Presentation By PRS IN VIVO
Scott Young
Global CEO

Andy Rushforth
Managing Director


10.30 Harness Customer-Led Digital Strategies For Increased Product Promotion & Consumer Engagement To Boost Sales Online & In-Store

  • Digital 101: practical insights into the digital strategies and marketing which will improve online traffic, tracking and consumer engagement to prove ROI
  • What are the digital frontiers? From content to social to engagement to purchase – the customer is in the driver’s seat; capitalise upon this with seamlessly integrated marketing strategies across the multi-channel mix
  • Fully-leverage digital with key understandings of the digital impact on the industry and how your brand needs to adjust to communicate beauty online
  • Examine the critical drivers for a successful online presence and how established brands are adapting to ensure your company is at the forefront of innovation

Sebastian Kraft
Global Digital Director
Molton Brown

10.50 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.20 Growing Your Brand With The Environmental Protection Imperative
Kevin Cureton
Vice President
Solésence, LLC


11.40 Join the discussion! Get your social media queries answered directly and discuss the trends and innovations of the moment in an all-new, engaging format with live Q&A and interactive voting

Heather Mitchell
Head of Global PR, Digital Engagement & Entertainment Marketing, Hair Care

Rachel Humphrey
PR & Partnerships

Holly Dove
Senior Brand Manager

Sebastian Kraft
Global Digital Director
Molton Brown

Nidhima Kohli
My Beauty Matches

After a little more on social media? Join us at our post-conference Social Media In Beauty Day on 27th September with speakers from L’Oréal, Clarins, Cosmopolitan, Revlon, Feelunique, The Perfume Society, Pai Skincare and Crabtree & Evelyn.

VIew Social Media Programme   


12.10 Join The Designlab and discuss the latest Beauty Trends for 2017
The forever changing shift in consumer mentality is forcing brands to constantly evolve and change to ensure they are relevant and generate brand loyalty. Kevin will share with you, through useful insights how you and your brands can learn from what the most innovative brands are doing right now.

Throughout this session he will help you understand how you can use insight and innovation to create a strategy to match the future mind set of your consumers.

Kevin Davis
Executive Creative Director
The Designlab


12.25 Create Innovative, Inspirational Content That Increases Engagement, Brand Awareness & Followers

  • Investigate the posts, photos, adverts and videos that will make consumers stop, engage, share and purchase for best-in-class content
  • Examine the timings, tools and data strategies that will create winning content calendars and ensure your content schedule runs efficiently
  • How are brands tackling the shift to user-generated content and what type of content should brands be sharing to ensure a fresh, engaging image?
  • Develop consumer-driven content and advertising campaigns that work across the channel mix for influential marketing strategies and increased engagement

Leonardo Laforgia
Head of Vendor Management, Beauty

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.15 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Skincare

B) Influencer Marketing Strategies
Chikay Lo
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Cult Beauty

C) Cosmetics

D) Fragrance

E) Spa, Salon & Services
Candice Gardner
Education Manager – Content

Sally Penford
Director of Education UK & EIRE

F) The Pulling Power of Ingredients in Beauty
Natalia Chrusny
Research Director
MMR Research Worldwide

Lucy Hoang
Research Manager
MMR Research Worldwide


13.15 Live Product Demos Explore and investigate the latest trend-led beauty products in this exciting new live format


13.45 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Ruth Newman
Director of Beauty
House Of Fraser


13.55 Examine Where Beauty Innovation Is Heading Next With A Look At The Latest Hot Trends, Ingredients, Formats & Technologies

  • Which next big trend will truly have longevity? Examine upcoming trends to ensure you’re first to market with an inspired, unique product
  • Best-practice advice on the NPD process: when it’s right to innovate, what didn’t work, and how to successfully make a point of difference
  • Top tips on trend forecasting and translation for aligned product timelines and social media beauty innovations that get pioneering products to market ahead of competitors’
  • Discuss the application of the latest regulatory changes for products and ingredients to save costs and prevent unnecessary obstacles to the innovation process

Hannah Roberts
Prestige Communications Director & Global Head of Trends

Andrea Mitarotonda
Chief Research & Innovation Officer
Neal’s Yard Remedies

Jeeta Mona
Group Product Manager
Yardley London


14.25 How Can Innovation Make A Meaningful Difference To Your Beauty Brands?

  • How do innovative brands drive financial return?
  • Who are the 2017’s biggest movers and shakers in the beauty category?
  • Will your commitment to innovation pay off – how can you measure success?

Rachel Evans
MD – Life & Style

Kantar Millward Brown


14.35 Key Insights Into The Hottest Ingredient Trends To Get Ahead Of The Competition With Unique, Market-Leading Products

  • Stay on top of upcoming ingredient trends, benefits, and results to build compelling, insight-driven stories that tap into customer trends and boost product sales
  • From superfoods to ethical beauty to natural products, what are the next big ingredient-led trends and what do these different ingredients offer?
  • Translate the science and educate the consumer with best-practice advice on communicating ingredient facts and regulatory restrictions

Louise Riby
Managing Director
Elemental Herbology


14.55 The Natural Market: What Do Consumers Want, What’s Going To Be The Next Big Thing & How Will The Market Change?

  • From chemical-free to sustainability to environmental impact – how is ‘natural’ defined? Educate consumers for greater clarity in a developing market
  • Keep ahead of competitors and explore which direction natural beauty trends are heading for commercially- successful, innovative products
  • Investigate what the rapid growth of the natural market means across the spectrum of beauty brands: who’s innovating and how are they succeeding?

14.55 Lucy Pottinger
Head of Category – Beauty & Aromatherapy
Holland & Barrett

15.15 Emily Whelan
Formulation Innovation Manager


15.15 Personalise your agenda and participate in our alternative peer-to-peer discussions if the main-room session isn’t as applicable to you. (Discussions run concurrently at 15.15 alongside main stage session)

A) Masking

B) Male Grooming

15.35 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking Grab a glass of wine, relax and network with your peers.



16.05 Is Beauty & The East Still A Fairy Tale Concept Or Is The Global Stage Open For The Taking? Examine Where The Latest International Trends Are Coming From

  • Pinpoint which hot, new international trends will take off globally to ensure you’re up-to-date on where they’re coming from and how well they’ll sell in the UK
  • Harness the latest and future trends coming from Korea for inspired, bespoke beauty innovations
  • How are brands evolving Korean and Asian trends in the western market for products that consumers understand?
  • Examine the global variations in ethical practices and ingredients to meet regulatory requirements and create universally-legal products

Katalin Berenyi
Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer


Personalise your agenda and participate in our alternative peer-to-peer discussions if the main-room session isn’t as applicable to you. (Discussions run concurrently at 16.05 alongside main stage session)

A) Nails

B) Hair


16.25 From Concept To Launch, Establish Successful Strategies For Identifying & Filling The Gap In The Market

  • Turn consumer insights and trends into a physical reality with commercially-successful beauty products and innovations that win in a competitive market
  • From conception to completion, ensure your product launch meets currently-ignored consumer needs to guarantee your brand stands out from the crowd
  • Established: with increasing numbers of challenger brands emerging in the market, how are established companies adapting and developing innovative products?
  • Challenger: how are challenger brands surviving and succeeding in such a competitive market? Key insights into how to spot a gap in the market and establish a point of difference

Tory Wilson
Head of Product Development

Holly Tomlin
Head of Global Marketing & Communications
Pangaea Laboratories


17.05 Real-World Insights Into The Latest Retailer Perspectives On Consumer, Product & Marketing Trends In The Beauty Industry Today

  • What insights are retailers seeing in terms of consumer shopping and spending habits and how are these trends changing?
  • Explore the thoughts and process behind what retailers are looking to stock to ensure your product offering stands out in-store
  • How are high-street retailers competing with high-end shops in terms of attracting customers and boosting sales?

Sarah Sian
Online Beauty Editor

Aaron Chatterly

Rebecca Wicks
Buying Manager, Beauty

Amanda Scott
Managing Director
Fabled by Marie Claire

17.30 Official Close Of Conference & Chair’s Closing Remarks

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PLUS! Don’t Miss Our Post Conference Social Media In Beauty Day, 27th September, London. Take A Look At The Programme Below

08.45 Registration & Morning Coffee

09.00 Morning Chair’s Remarks
Rachel Humphrey
PR & Partnerships Director


09.40 Captivate Audiences With Commercially-Successful Social Media Content & Campaign Strategies

  • Utilise social as a promotional shopping platform with streamlined social, ecommerce and events marketing
  • Strike the balance between brand and user-generated content for fresh, high-quality content that boosts commerciality
  • Build loyal brand followings with competitive social campaigns that convert likes into sales
  • Create bespoke strategies for each channel with the right content for the right platform to maximise your social campaign impact

Sophie Voller
Assistant Digital Manager
Benefit Cosmetics UK & Ireland


10.10 Identify & Nurture Optimal Influencer Partnerships With Key Insights Into The Latest Trends & Worthwhile Investments

  • Identify the right influencer for your brand and foster ongoing partnerships to maximise your investment and ensure long-term relationships
  • With the proliferation of sales-focused influencers, are brands moving away from paid promotion or do bloggers still convert engagement into sales?
  • Top tips for promoting an authentic brand image whilst employing influencers in a commercial world with increasingly savvy shoppers
  • Investigate the next influencer trends and where to invest next; from bands to YouTubers to vloggers, who’s reaching new audiences and successfully influencing?

Meg Lucas
Content & Social Media Manager
Pai Skincare

10.40 Informal Networking & Morning Refreshments


11.10 Measure The Impact Of Social Media Campaigns With Next-Level Tools & Measurement Strategies To Demonstrate Value & ROI

  • Advice on the tools and KPIs that effectively measure and demonstrate performance to prove commercial success
  • What should you be doing with extensive online tracking datasets? Benchmark against competitors with a look at what’s worth reporting on to prove campaign performance
  • Demonstrate the value of social media in campaign promotion and engagement over follower numbers for senior stakeholder buy-in
  • Monetise social media with measurement tools that keep the balance between promoting awareness and generating revenue

Tom Stone
Marketing Manager


11.40 Visual Intelligence In Beauty
How fresh-faced startups and global brands are using computer vision to create photos and videos people care about.
Thomas Rankin
Cofounder and CEO

12.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

12.40 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Social Media Integration
Carson Parkin-Fairley
Head of Social Media & Events
The Perfume Society

B) Using Brand Ambassadors To Boost Social Media Content
Deborah Holloway
Social Media Manager

13.00 Afternoon Chair’s Remarks


13.30 Boost Brand Engagement & Reach On Social Media With Cohesive, Competitive Content Strategies & The Latest Technologies

  • Get the lowdown on the latest social platforms and learn how to create visually-attractive, engaging content tailored for them
  • Harness the power of social with integrated social media channel strategies that increase brand exposure and convert likes into loyal followers
  • Are Facebook and Instagram worth the investment or are alternative engagement strategies the way to go to ensure boosted follower growth
  • Maintain day-to-day audience contact on social media without boring your followers for customer-centric, engaging channels

Lauren Smith
Social Media Manager


14.00 The Latest Apps & Platforms That Will Transform Your Audience Reach & Channel Strategies & Drive Lucrative Results

  • Discover which apps and channels can support your social media strategies and boost creativity, increase interaction and drive sales
  • Keep up with the platforms and apps that are making a come-back, tools that predict beauty trends and future innovations that could take the west by storm
  • Is social listening worth the budget and how are brands using it online for everything from predicting trends to customer service?


Jamie Rockers
PR & Social Media Manager EMEIA
Crabtree & Evelyn

14.40 Close of Social Media In Beauty Day